Thriving in Truth

You thrive in truth.

We all do.

So, why do we spend so much time avoiding it?

Turning our backs on our conscious awareness?

One reason is that we project fear into our future.

We fear that if we really embody a new truth, take it into our bones, then we’ll have to LIVE it.

So, we waiver back and forth thinking all kinds of ‘what ifs.’

‘What if I grow and no longer fit in?’ ‘What if I have to leave my job – or end a relationship or people don’t love me anymore?’ ‘What if it’s hard?’

Around and around, we go in a semi-conscious state with these questions. This fear-based thinking.

It’s like standing outside a room trying to know what furniture is in there.

‘There could be a couch.’ ‘It might be blue.’ ‘No, brown.’

You can’t know until you enter the room. Generally, it’s not as you imagined it. And you still always have choice in consciousness. You can decide to move the furniture around or swap it out.

As long as we sit in the present and project our fears into the future, we remain paralyzed. Making choices to avoid conscious awareness because it seems too scary and overwhelming.

But the opposite is true: scary and overwhelming is where you are now. As you move toward your truth, they diminish in favor of increasing coherence and joy.

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