The Costs of Emotional Abandonment to Leaders

There’s a bit of an epidemic of leaders and entrepreneurs working from a place of emotional abandonment.

Still, many manage to become enormously successful. But they do it by bypassing the self.

They can’t really feel their success. Or a sense of connection.

Last week, a colleague commented that many guys don’t do the kind of introspection that takes them into their emotions because it takes courage.

They don’t want to go that deep.

But there’s a price to be paid. Often, there comes a point when staying on the surface, avoiding stuff becomes too painful.

Sometimes there’s an event like divorce or a leadership fall from grace that makes them realize that a disconnected life comes with costs.

Damage to you, your life, and relationships. Your physical or mental health.

Because whatever we choose not to feel will ultimately find a way to be known.

A big shift is needed in leadership. An understanding of the value of leaders being emotionally healthy. An awareness of what it means and feels like to be connected.

The recognition that it’s time we really invested in this area because having emotionally healthy leaders pays out big dividends.

Not just in all the painful and costly stuff you avoid – things like poor decisions, burnout, disconnection divorce, bankruptcy, but also in the gains – a different quality of living and working, an elevating of consciousness with the accompanying ability to see new perspectives.

All those dividends trickle down to the people around leaders and to the company.

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