There’s a new leadership in the world today.

And it’s you.

It’s the high achieving leader who’s realized that financial success, status, and all the material stuff while good – isn’t enough to fill them up.

The executive who wants high-powered results, but in the form of connected success.

The entrepreneur who wants to be not just fully powered but also fully expressed.

The leaders who want more than the average they see around them. Who have bigger visions.

Who want to make the world a better place.

They want high powered results in their life and career, a better lifestyle, greater purpose, to be fully self-expressed, and happier – without the pain and struggle.

They want new ways of leading others that run deeper, create greater connections, and better results.


Leaders want these things. The challenge is getting there.

Most of these high functioning leaders have invested in personal development and they’ve either found it hasn’t been quite as liberating as they’d hoped, or they’ve gotten good results but still sense something much larger just out of reach.

The underlying problem is that high achieving leaders, although immensely successful, have achieved that success by leaving themselves behind. They worked hard to try to achieve and trying to achieve more, and along the way they became disconnected from their true selves.

It’s a common human problem. Somewhere along the way, we shut down or armor up just to get through, just to survive.

Plus, the way we’ve been conditioned as human beings tends to leave us disconnected from ourselves and our lives.

It often means that while high functioning leaders create success, it’s commonly disconnected rather than connected success.

While you can achieve a lot while disconnected (sometimes even because of the disconnection), it comes with costs.

You don’t feel entirely fulfilled. Or you’re burning out and struggling.

Depression, illness, anxiety, addiction, divorce, anger issues, and workplace politics are just some of the symptoms of underlying disconnection.

Since the connection to self is the gateway to your mind and the power of your life and being – as well as the foundation of who you are as a leader – disconnection leaves you feeling unmoored.


This problem isn’t just in leaders. Many people are feeling this.

In fact, probably your people are experiencing this.

And the pandemic only intensified feelings of dissatisfaction. As people slowed down, they took a deeper look at their lives. They rethought their priorities.

They became less willing to tolerate things they’d unquestioningly put up with before. Suddenly we saw waves of people walking away from their jobs.

They may not even know entirely what the problem is, just that they wanted more living out of life.


Connected Success?

But what if connected success was easier than you thought? What if the things that are holding you back are simply old myths and perspectives and a lack of empowering tools – and that powerful mind and powerful beingness that you know yourself to be are closer than you realize?


I didn’t come by this easily.

I always viewed the world a little different from the people around me. My interests and ideas, my views, were out of step. It left me feeling out of place, not able to find where I fit in.

Worse, I got torn down, attacked by people.

I knew depression intimately. A dark, deep hole. Considering suicide, many times.

I dragged myself up by my bootstraps. Repeatedly. And I searched.

I knew what I was being told wasn’t working. I searched again and again.

Slowly, piece by piece, I discovered things. Things that changed how I viewed the world. Things that changed how I was in the world. That enabled me to make radical changes. Changed my relationship to me. More connected. More expansive.

Without the stuff I learned, I’m not sure I’d be here.

My biggest regret is that I didn’t learn this stuff earlier – that I didn’t trust myself enough to embrace what I learned faster. That I stayed too long in the old.


Elevating the Leadership Conversation

This is about a different way of being in the world, one that leads to a richer quality of living and working.

More power and passion equal more productivity and creativity leading to increasing financial success.

Leadership shouldn’t be about losing who you are but about embracing and deepening who you are. Imagine if workplaces were where we became more of ourselves, rather than less.

Higher Mindfulness is the bridge to help you break free of the old and discover new, cutting-edge leadership. Connected leadership. Connected success.

Here are a few of our underlying techniques and philosophies:

Best Self Leadership – Leadership from the inside-out is the conversation we need to be having. Change and transformation happen faster, much more effectively and with fewer hiccups from the inside-out.

The journey within is what creates fulfillment. Once you teach people to connect with themselves deeply, the benefit roll-out is tremendous.

Employee priorities have shifted since the pandemic. They want more living out of life. Helping them to connect with becoming their best selves is the greatest gift you can give – and the greatest benefit to your company.

Emotional Thriving – Emotions have a profound effect on our lives (as much as we tend to dismiss them). Almost every challenge, roadblock, or barrier has an element of emotion at its root.

You might think, oh yes, EQ.

But no. EQ teaches awareness of emotions in ourselves and others but doesn’t get to connection and emotional thriving. Without that empowerment to your emotions, you’re destined to struggle.

From Self-As-Enemy to Self-As-Ally – We’ve been sold so many falsehoods. Ones with big consequences for our lives. They keep us in false battles with ourselves, living fear-based lives and losing our inner peace and energy.

A shift in perspective means leaving those internal skirmishes behind for all time and being able to embrace coherence, integration, and authenticity on new levels.

Rewiring the Brain – Stress, burnout, mental health issues are at all time highs. Turns out we’re wiring our brains for the wrong outcomes. Once we embrace brain states and the mind-body connection, we open ourselves up to exciting new potential.

Most personal development is based on change by will power. This is connecting with the wisdom of your consciousness and allowing that to fuel your transformation.

Experiential Learning and Growth – Most of learning is mental-based. It’s a slow way to learn. Outside-in versus inside-out.

At Higher Mindfulness, we embrace experiential learning. It’s not about us having the answers and giving them to you. It’s about giving you tools and perspectives to increasingly connect to your own inner wisdom.


Have questions? Want to learn more? Reach out and connect. We’re waiting for you.


Elevating leader consciousness:

Helping leaders get out of their own way and connecting to their potential, so they spend more time in their genius zone and can help others spend more time in theirs.

What clients say

“I noticed my mind going back to the usual problems, but not being able to get a charge from them.

That’s it, simple but strong!”

Kathleen Germany

“Phenomenal! I felt fabulous and am feeling the residual feelings of being relaxed and super energetic.”

Debbie Reynolds About Face Image Consulting, Inc.

“Just prior to a major speaking engagement I began to feel very ill physically. It was a real blessing that Catherine was there and that I was able to benefit from her healing gifts. I went from thinking I’d have to cancel to being able to carry on as if nothing had happened. It was remarkable. Since I first met Catherine many years ago, I’ve witnessed her help many people with physical and emotional challenges.”

Monique MacDonald Discover Your Sacred Gifts

“Catherine’s depth of ability and resources are impressive…[she] is an excellent listener – she can pry when needed, make sense of what you’re saying quickly and capture the essence in order to take it where it needs to go. She really made it easy and certainly opened my eyes to potential that I couldn’t see on my own.”

Glenn Duxbury Glenn Duxbury & Associates Building Inspection and Consulting

“Catherine was able to look at my company objectively and see areas where I could improve and dramatically increase my business. She has the ability to see what any owner of a business can’t see for themselves. This is an invaluable resource and asset to growing your business and taking it to the next level quickly. Catherine was bang on and her information extremely valuable.”

Jan Janzen, President Women Empowering Women Inc.

“Her research has hit the nail on the head: the recommendations have made sense for us to adopt and the reports are standing the test of time with enough depth to allow us to grow as we become more sophisticated.”

Roger Bean Metro Vancouver

“One of the most creative people I have ever worked with.”

Harry Parsons Bufo Inc.

“[Catherine] brings a high level of expertise and experience to the table. She was inclusive and accommodating to the diverse nature of our group. We wouldn’t hesitate to retain her services again.”

Mark Johnson Fisheries & Oceans Canada

“Sherlock [Ink] was able to take one of our projects from a vague concept to develop a refreshing new direction that has formed a solid foundation for us moving forward.”

Edwin Hubert, Director Stewardship Centre for BC

“After a session with Catherine I went from being filled with anger and hate for another individual, to understanding the anger, releasing the anger, to being in one of the most Zen like calming states that I have ever felt. And the best part is, the effects are permanent! I no longer hold that anger and hate for that individual.

Thank you so much Catherine for all your help, I could not have done it without you.”

Tyler D

“The most powerful elements of the workshop were the exercises that revealed the culture of our organization -both negative and positive, strengths and weaknesses, what we have to offer that is unique.

It really expanded many of my narrow perspectives around branding, supporters, and marketing. These exercises revealed things we assume, take for granted or don’t see. Hearing from others on topics that I have an engrained perspective about was very revealing.

It opened all of our eyes to critical branding/ marketing/organizational issues we haven’t being paying enough attention too or understand very well. I definitely saw the importance/value of creativity as a fundamental part of our work.”

Misty McDuffee Raincoast Conservation Foundation

“Catherine is a strong communicator – both clear and concise. ..[She] also opened up my view by giving me new ways to think of ideas and concepts.”

Christine Kutzner CK Counselling

“[Catherine’s] presentation style and well-researched content left me with a much greater awareness.”

Jane Porter Metro Vancouver