Tap Your Unrealized Potential: Advanced Coaching for Leaders, Athletes, Musical Performers & Actors

I work with high functioning leaders, professional athletes, musical performers, and actors either one-on-one or in masterminds.

I’m not just a coach or consultant. And what we do together is far beyond mindset.

I’m an agent of cutting edge concepts and strategies. Much of the work we do is experiential: I take you into heightened brain states that might take years of practice for you to learn on your own. We use the wisdom of the superconscious and you learn how to use your emotions as superpowers that help guide you toward what you truly want to create.

In our left-brain dominant culture, we’ve lost the language of the right brain – which is too bad because your right brain is powerful. Not only does it connect you to more of your wisdom and inner resources, but also you’re able to process information faster and revive your nervous system and mind. 

That boils down to you learning and growing a lot faster. Being able to tap into unrealized potential and reach goals faster. All while feeling an increasing sense of well-being.

My goal is helping you connect more deeply to your wisdom and inner resources in a way that increases your peace, contentment, and fulfillment and boosts your capabilities, capacities, and performance. 

That cracks open your potential, not just as a leader and performer, but as a human being.



Meet Jack, a visionary leader who sought to unlock his true potential and create a lasting impact within his organization. Driven by a desire for personal growth and enhanced leadership abilities, Jack embarked on a transformative journey of advanced coaching, which integrated advanced techniques like heightened brain states, expanded consciousness, accessing the superconscious, and emotional processing.

With support, Jack learned to embrace emotions as guides. Processing emotions delivered insights and removed blocks and limitations. He learned to embrace vulnerability and navigate challenging situations with greater grace and resilience. This emotional wisdom fostered stronger connections with his team, allowing for authentic communication and a culture of trust and psychological safety which, in turn, inspired his team to reach more of their potential and achieve remarkable results.

Accessing heightened brain states and the superconscious led to faster growth than Jack had ever experienced before. He experienced new levels of inner peace and the ability to make more informed, insightful, and balanced decisions. Jack was able to tap into his creative potential to think beyond conventional boundaries and generate innovative ideas that propelled his organization forward.

Are you ready to embark on a leadership coaching journey that harnesses the potential of heightened brain states, expanded consciousness, accessing the superconscious, and processing emotions? Unlock your innate leadership abilities, gain clarity, and access intuitive insights that propel you toward exceptional leadership. Experience the transformative power of coaching that goes beyond traditional approaches, enabling you to make a lasting impact and achieve extraordinary results.

If you’re envisioning how much business value this can bring to you and your teams, please reach out for a discovery session to see if we’re a good fit.



Beyond Mindset Coaching: Unleashing Potential With Holistic Growth

Though highly talented, Jett had been struggling with inconsistent performance and mental barriers that were hindering his ability to reach his full athletic performance. Despite his impressive physical skills, he found himself succumbing to self-doubt and losing focus during crucial moments.

Seeking better performance, Jett embarked on a journey of advanced coaching that incorporated heightened brain states, the superconscious, and emotional wisdom. The result was that he learned to enter the flow state more consistently. By processing emotions, he removed subconscious blocks and limitations. He developed a stronger sense of trust in his instincts and learned to make split-second decisions with clarity and precision, even in high-pressure situations. His performances became more fluid, effortless, and marked by exceptional focus. He no longer allowed self-doubt to hinder his performance, and instead embraced challenges as opportunities for growth. This mental resilience enabled him to bounce back from setbacks quickly, maintain composure in tense situations, and perform at his best under pressure.

While mindset coaching focuses primarily on the mental aspect, working with heightened brain states, tapping into superconscious, and upgrading emotional wisdom offer a holistic approach to your athletic development. It nurtures not only your mindset but also your intuition, emotional well-being, and overall performance, creating a more well-rounded and resilient you.

The superconscious and right brain activation can help you achieve your performance goals, release blocks and struggles, access flow more often, reach peak physical condition, and discover new levels of performance.

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Emotional wisdom, heightened brain states, and superconscious access can knock seemingly big problems down to manageable size. Here are some of the problems it can help with for performers:

    1. Performance anxiety and stage fright
    2. Maintaining focus and concentration during long rehearsals or performances
    3. Creative block or feeling stuck in a repetitive routine
    4. Lack of confidence and self-belief in their abilities. Self-doubt 
    5. Inability to enter a state of flow during performances
    6. Difficulty managing stress and pressure of the entertainment industry
    7. Limited range or versatility in their performance style
    8. Trouble maintaining motivation and inspiration over time
    9. Difficulty managing emotions and maintaining emotional well-being.
    10. Difficulty connecting with the audience or portraying authentic emotions
    11. Inconsistent performance levels and lack of sustained excellence
    12. Challenges in memorizing lines, lyrics, or musical arrangements
    13. Difficulty adapting to different roles or characters
    14. Challenges in expressing vulnerability or exploring deeper emotions
    15. Building rapport and chemistry with co-performers or cast members
    16. Struggling with rejection and handling criticism constructively
    17. Managing the demands of fame and public scrutiny.


    Advanced coaching techniques, incorporating advanced meditation states, the superconscious, and emotional wisdom, are powerful tools that can address these challenges and empower performers to overcome obstacles and thrive in their craft. These techniques help you clear your mind, understand your emotions, and connect deeply with your art. It gives you the tools to shine on stage or screen, connect with audiences, and handle challenges with confidence.

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The Shift from Self-as-Enemy to Self-as-Ally: 

A game changer when it comes to making traction in your growth. Much of the way we’ve been taught to do and think about ourselves creates inner conflict – and most personal development only perpetuates this issue. We’ve learned to fight against ourselves and see parts of us as the enemy. It’s no wonder we struggle to find inner peace. 


Next Level Psychological Safety:

Rather than defining psychological safety as ‘a shared belief held by members of a team that it’s ok to take risks, express ideas and concerns, speak up with questions, and admit mistakes without fear of negative consequences, I see it as that plus much more: the how-to behind how we create the conditions for individuals and organizations to thrive (including your internal conditions). The conditions for emotional and mental health that we know surprisingly little about and yet are fundamental to us accessing our best selves. 


Goal-setting from Creator Mode: 

Traditional personal growth often revolves around tirelessly fixing our perceived flaws, leading to a never-ending cycle of self-improvement that’s focused on the idea that there’s something wrong with you that you need to fix. Or it’s unfocused: constant personal growth for its own sake. In problem-solving mode, all your energy is on what’s wrong in the situation and limited by what you think is possible..

In creator mode, you focus on what you really want (which often gets buried in the day-to-day busyness of life or watered down by limiting beliefs). Research has shown that creating big, hairy audacious goals are less about the goal itself and more about who you become along the way to achieving them. Their vision pulls you forward. When you work with juicy goals that excite you, without worrying about the intricate how-to details, you allow other parts of your consciousness to come into play, sparking creativity, intuition, and innovation. 


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Creating leaders among leaders

Helping leaders align with things that connect to their potential, so they spend more time in their genius zone
and can help others spend more time in theirs.

What clients say

“I noticed my mind going back to the usual problems, but not being able to get a charge from them.

That’s it, simple but strong!”

Kathleen Germany

“Phenomenal! I felt fabulous and am feeling the residual feelings of being relaxed and super energetic.”

Debbie Reynolds About Face Image Consulting, Inc.

“Just prior to a major speaking engagement I began to feel very ill physically. It was a real blessing that Catherine was there and that I was able to benefit from her healing gifts. I went from thinking I’d have to cancel to being able to carry on as if nothing had happened. It was remarkable. Since I first met Catherine many years ago, I’ve witnessed her help many people with physical and emotional challenges.”

Monique MacDonald Discover Your Sacred Gifts

“Catherine’s depth of ability and resources are impressive…[she] is an excellent listener – she can pry when needed, make sense of what you’re saying quickly and capture the essence in order to take it where it needs to go. She really made it easy and certainly opened my eyes to potential that I couldn’t see on my own.”

Glenn Duxbury Glenn Duxbury & Associates Building Inspection and Consulting

“Catherine was able to look at my company objectively and see areas where I could improve and dramatically increase my business. She has the ability to see what any owner of a business can’t see for themselves. This is an invaluable resource and asset to growing your business and taking it to the next level quickly. Catherine was bang on and her information extremely valuable.”

Jan Janzen, President Women Empowering Women Inc.

“Her research has hit the nail on the head: the recommendations have made sense for us to adopt and the reports are standing the test of time with enough depth to allow us to grow as we become more sophisticated.”

Roger Bean Metro Vancouver

“One of the most creative people I have ever worked with.”

Harry Parsons Bufo Inc.

“[Catherine] brings a high level of expertise and experience to the table. She was inclusive and accommodating to the diverse nature of our group. We wouldn’t hesitate to retain her services again.”

Mark Johnson Fisheries & Oceans Canada

“Sherlock [Ink] was able to take one of our projects from a vague concept to develop a refreshing new direction that has formed a solid foundation for us moving forward.”

Edwin Hubert, Director Stewardship Centre for BC

“After a session with Catherine I went from being filled with anger and hate for another individual, to understanding the anger, releasing the anger, to being in one of the most Zen like calming states that I have ever felt. And the best part is, the effects are permanent! I no longer hold that anger and hate for that individual.

Thank you so much Catherine for all your help, I could not have done it without you.”

Tyler D

“The most powerful elements of the workshop were the exercises that revealed the culture of our organization -both negative and positive, strengths and weaknesses, what we have to offer that is unique.

It really expanded many of my narrow perspectives around branding, supporters, and marketing. These exercises revealed things we assume, take for granted or don’t see. Hearing from others on topics that I have an engrained perspective about was very revealing.”

Misty McDuffee Raincoast Conservation Foundation

“Catherine is a strong communicator – both clear and concise. ..[She] also opened up my view by giving me new ways to think of ideas and concepts.”

Christine Kutzner CK Counselling

“[Catherine’s] presentation style and well-researched content left me with a much greater awareness.”

Jane Porter Metro Vancouver