People are wanting more.

After the past few years, people’s interest in the human aspects of work has skyrocketed. In particular, the intersection of psychologically healthy workplaces, performance, and becoming their best selves. 

People are tired. Not being able to share and express your full self is deeply unsatisfying, eroding a sense of belonging and leaving people feeling invisible, isolated, and not fully alive.

People are seeking a renewed and revised sense of purpose in their work. They want meaningful interactions, not just transactions. They want to feel valued. They long to bring their full selves to work, to contribute, grow, and thrive.

As a leader, these issues show up as the sense that you’re not having the impact you should or could be having and that the organization could be more successful.

You question how to connect people to their best selves; you want more for the team, but aren’t sure how to create it. Even though you’ve had tremendous success, you still feel like something is missing. You wonder about your legacy.

You want a sense of deeper connection and making the progress
you’d like as a leader.  Not just success, but connected success.

My name is Catherine Sherlock. My education includes a Master’s in Environmental Studies. I became a consultant, working on diverse environmental projects, and then added organizational development, personal development and leadership growth services.

I’ve worked with a lot of diverse teams and individuals from all types of organizations – business, non-profit and all levels of government. I worked individually with clients and as part of teams on single and multi-agency projects. Some of them functioned really well. Many did not. It provided me with tremendous eye-opening opportunities for learning.

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I do cutting edge coaching and consulting. 

What does that mean for you?

I work with high functioning leaders (and truly, I believe each of us should strive to be the leader in our own lives) who fear that they’re not having the impact they could or should be having or they’re not bringing out the best in their people. They want more for themselves and their team but aren’t sure how to create it – how to overcome the things that are holding them back. 

Even though they’ve had tremendous outer success, they still feel a sense of something missing. They want a sense of connection – a sense of not just success, but connected success. Connection that creates better performance.

I’m not just a coach or consultant. I’m also a technician to the psyche, a healer, teacher of the lost language of the right brain and advanced states of consciousness, and agent of cutting edge concepts and strategies.

That means that when I work with you, I’m not just talking. Much of the work we do is experiential – from exercises to accessing advanced meditation states. In our left-brain dominant culture, we’ve lost the language of the right brain – which is too bad because your right brain is powerful. Not only does it connect you to more of your wisdom and inner resources, but also you’re able to process information faster and revive your nervous system and mind. 

Plus, it naturally enhances a lot of leadership soft skills like communication, creativity, problem-solving, emotional wisdom, and mental clarity.

That boils down to you learning and growing a lot faster.

I can teach you how to get more full-bodied answers in your decision-making. To access various types of intuition in your problem-solving. To change your relationship to your emotions so you don’t spend so much energy managing and controlling them. To spend more time in flow. To have better functioning relationships. To connect more deeply to your wisdom. To resolve things that are hanging you up on projects in a way that takes you deeper into your work. And to feel more fulfilled. 

My goal is helping you connect more deeply to your wisdom and inner resources in a way that increases your peace, contentment, and fulfillment and boosts your capabilities, capacities, and performance. 

That cracks open your potential, not just as a leader, but as a human being.

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