Stress and Brain States

It’s helpful to consider stress from the point of view of our brain states.

Beta is the dominant state of the alert, waking mind. Both schools and workplaces encourage operating in beta.

It’s good for getting things done.

But, today, for bunches of reasons, we’re spending too much time in beta brain.

It’s causing difficulties in our thinking, emotional states, and even our physical health.

It’s not that beta is bad; it’s just that too much beta is like drinking too much coffee.

It might be time to drink more water.

Alpha is a state between high and low brain frequencies. Thinking is different here than in beta.

Your learning and memory operate better in alpha. You’re less anxious and less susceptible to low moods.

You’re better able to access creative problem-solving and intuition.

Indeed, in alpha, most people feel at ease and calm.

It’s also like operating in energy-saving mode.

Spending more time in alpha gives you extra energy for other tasks in your day.

Learning to operate more often in alpha rather than beta gives you more relaxation and recovery.

It supports bigger picture thinking central to great leadership.

Alpha is one of the brain states you may enter during meditation. It’s why people come out of meditation feeling more aligned.

But it’s not just for meditation. It’s about learning how to use these natural brain states for optimal and conscious performance.

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