How Leaders Become a Bottleneck

Leaders lead change, responding to changes in the world and leading companies to greater success.

But that comes with bigger and bigger challenges.

Without developing, a leader can quickly become a limiting factor – bottleneck – in the organization’s success.

Scott Keller says, “In the research for our book, Beyond Performance, we found that the reason for this is that most executives don’t see themselves as ‘part of the problem.’

Therefore, deep down, they do not believe that it is they who need to change, even though in principle they agree that leaders must model the desired changes.

Take, for example, a team that reports that, as a group and as an organization, they are low in trust, not customer-focused and bureaucratic.

How many executives when asked privately will say “no” to the questions “Do you consider yourself to be trustworthy?” and “Are you customer-focused?” and “yes” to the question “Are you a bureaucrat?”

None, of course.”

It’s why leadership development has to be proactive.

And include development from the inside-out.

Good CEO leadership rests on a foundation of self-knowledge and self-awareness.

That means cultivating a developed, mature mind – one that enables you to understand the emotional and strategic drivers in yourself and others. That is able to express compassion and empathy – with healthy boundaries intact. One that can manage conflicts while maintaining well-being.

That provides leaders the broad perspective needed to be able to face unpredictable challenges and overcome problems. And feel fulfilled while doing it.

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