Emotions and Thriving

You can’t shut down one part of you without shutting down other parts.

So, when we dampen, anesthetize, dismiss our feelings, we lose out.

Brene Brown says we can’t selectively numb emotions. When we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive ones.

Eckhardt Tolle disclosed in an interview years ago that he doesn’t feel his ‘negative’ emotions, but he also doesn’t feel his positive ones. He’s limited to a small range of feelings in the middle.

If that’s enlightenment, count me out, thanks. I’m looking to expand my consciousness, not to limit it.

But it’s not just emotions you lose.

It’s time we recognized the vital role emotions play in our intelligence, intuition, decision-making, creativity, and handling life’s complexities. Emotions bring messages and information about how to thrive in life.

When emotions are tamped down, so are our abilities and potential.

What I see in people is an urge to evolve. To grow.

There’s a force within us that wants to move toward wholeness. To transform and make better.

When we work with that force, we’re happy.

When we dilute that force into fear, group belief patterns, we struggle.

We learned in our society to turn down our capacity to feel. The way forward to a brighter future lies in challenging that status quo. In embracing the idea that all emotions are good because they bring us much needed information and invigorate our potential.

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