Leadership Fail

Dr. Lance Secretan, a leadership expert, talks about how we’ve failed at leadership development:

We spend about a hundred seventy billion a year in North America, there are 200,000 books on Amazon.com, every university business school is marketing some kind of leadership program, there are consultants  from coast to coast marketing and selling leadership, and think about it, leadership is broken everywhere whether it’s Washington, Ottawa, healthcare, corporate America, the police, the Roman Catholic Church, the home, you name it.

There’s no place you can point to where we have successfully pulled off the whole idea of leadership.

Leadership models are typically developed by someone coming up with a list of attributes they believe significant.

Here are examples of a few of the must-have leadership attributes out there:

Inspire trust. Show respect and admiration. Leaders are likable. Leaders don’t worry about being liked. Have humility, openness, assertiveness, emotional intelligence. Be confident yet realistic in your abilities. Collaborate and share mutual interests. Maintain independence. Be unerringly positive. Passionate. Grateful.

Even leaders themselves have a tough time identifying the specifics of what makes leadership effective. There are hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of recommended leadership attributes (often contradictory).

This is outside-in leadership. With enough will power, you might be able to adopt some of the characteristics and see improvement.

But it leaves you feeling disconnected from yourself and your power – your genius. It adds to the imposter syndrome commonly felt by leaders.

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