Triggered Doesn’t Mean a Toxic Person

The whole thing about being triggered can be pretty confusing.

Some people think that if someone triggers them then that person is a toxic person.

That’s not true though.

In fact, the bigger you grow yourself, the more likely people around you are to get triggered.

That’s because self-esteem is low in places where we leave ourselves behind. Where we’re not listening to those little whisperings of the authentic self nor living in alignment with our values.

Growing yourself requires you to come into increasing coherence within yourself.

That’s the joy of it.

When you’re doing that, actively, just your simple presence can remind others of their lack of alignment or avoidance of consciousness.

That can trigger them.

You’re not responsible for that triggering though.

Which is good to remind yourself. Because people who are blocking their own conscious growth will often blame you for getting triggered.

Understanding that can release your inner conflict. You can empathize when you see someone get triggered. And if they persist in twisting things to blame you, you have the insight to move out of the line of fire.

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