The Biggest Self-Awareness Mistake

Self-awareness is life changing.

Without self-awareness, you don’t have choice.

Nothing changes. You can’t build freedom:  you’re stuck in not knowing.

HoWEvEr, there’s a huge, bloomin’, painful mistake we make with self-awareness.

We couple it with SELF-JUDGEMENT.

Self-awareness and self-judgement go together like oil and water.

When they’re paired, you’re thinking about what’s wrong with me that I don’t know or others haven’t told me.


That means self-awareness is painful. It’s like uncovering all the things you think you deserved to be judged for.

Time to quit all that because it’s a bad habit and brutal way to live.

We’re not in this for judgement. We’re in this for growth.

So, slice off the self-judgement and replace it with self-acceptance.

Self-acceptance pairs perfectly with self-awareness. It increases your awareness. It makes change easy.

If you catch yourself spiraling down into self-judgement, turn that spiral round: spiral up into self-acceptance.

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