Have We Been Setting Goals All Wrong?

New research suggests we might be doing goal setting all wrong.

That we might even be thinking of them wrong.

Most people have heard of SMART.

The acronym that goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound.

The new research is upending that.

Turns out setting really big, juicy goals might be the way to go.

That it’s less about achieving our goals and more about who we become on the way to achieving a goal.

Researchers have discovered that setting goals restructures your brain. It optimizes it to achieve your goal.

The amygdala (your emotional center) and frontal lobe (problem solving area) work in tandem to keep you focused on conditions and actions that lead you to your goal.

Ambitious goals that engage your emotions appear to change your brain structure more deeply.

In one study, researchers asked a group of patients with MS to set ambitious wellness goals. They ended up with fewer and less severe symptoms than the control group.

That’s pretty amazing since MS is a degenerative brain disease.

Essentially, goal setting helped them heal their brains.

Go ahead and set some crazy audacious goals. Let your imagination play.

You never achieve them fully but setting them will having you growing and changing in unexpected ways… becoming more of the person you want to be!


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