Thriving During Covid-19

Covid-19 has put much of the world into turmoil.

There’s been a lot of anxiety and upheaval.

Yet, we know that with every crisis comes opportunity. So, what can we do to thrive at this time?


There are some people who will come out of this with worse health and some with better. When people are anxious, they reach for sugar and unhealthy foods. That plunges your immune system at a time when you need it to be top-notch. What if you choose to come out of this with better health than you had before?


Stay active. There are lots of free exercise videos on YouTube if you can’t make it to the gym. Better yet, get outdoors. There are tons of benefits to being in nature from enhancing the immune system to enhancing peace and happiness to feeling connected to something bigger than yourself.

Decrease Your Anxiety

Anxiety has infected more people than the virus. When you panic, you can’t think or act straight. Try the morning pages exercise from Anne Cameron. Write 3 pages of whatever comes to mind. Write without stopping or analyzing. You may be surprised what comes out. It’s cathartic to get it out of you and onto paper where you can take stock.

Connection and Contribution

What can you do to help the world right now? Picking up groceries for someone who’s high risk. Using your skill set to lift people up?

Grow Yourself

At every stage, we face a fork in the road. Am I going to use today to grow myself, to increase my psychological cohesion and integration, to grow my consciousness – or not and stay stuck on autopilot? Am I going to take a step toward who I want to be?

Have I missed anything?

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