The Power of Emotions in Our Lives

Emotions are funny things – they are nothing, in a way, and yet they hold huge power in human lives.

The power to destroy lives, sabotage our best intentions, destroy relationships, and break down marriages and families. They’re at the root of addictions – drug and alcohol use, consumerism, frantic busyness. They can lead to suicide, murder and even war.

But it’s not really emotions that are at the heart of all this.

Emotions are not harmful.

It’s the stuffing of emotions that cause the difficulties. The inability to process them.

Blocking the feeling of our emotions disconnects us from the power within us. We stay in a restricted survival mode, coping with daily life rather than really living it.

Holding these emotions (and often the traumas that give rise to them) out of consciousness takes huge amounts of energy.

By processing emotions – bringing them into awareness, listening to them and allowing the emotional charge to dissipate – you’ll naturally make choices based on your true feelings and desires.

You take control of your own flow and power and aspirations.

This is the journey of finding your balance and recharging your own power. Moving out of conditioning and breaking out of old patterns that have held you in their grip.

It’s a central component of consciousness.

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