The Unknown Costs of Toxic Relationships

Too often we err on the side of keeping toxic relationships in our lives for far too long.

We tell ourselves we’re handling it. Or that it’s not that bad. Or we just need to focus on the project and ignore the rest.

In other words, we dismiss ourselves and our experiences.

The costs of toxic dynamics are significant. The longer you stay, the worse they get.

As you’re trying to hold it together, the scenario is slowly chipping away at you.

The costs happen whether you’re consciously aware of them or not.

You may be able to consciously push down awareness, but it registers in your body and emotions.

I can’t list them all here. My list of emotional symptoms alone is over a page. But here are some to consider.

Physical symptoms range widely from exhaustion, weight gain or loss, raised blood pressure, bowel issues, headaches, insomnia or not feeling refreshed from sleep and immune system effects.

Confused by toxic interactions, you lose your ability to express your creativity, to become your best self.

Feelings of disconnection, isolation and dread are common. As are feeling off balance and as though you don’t have control or are out of control.

Loss of focus. Anxiety. Depression.

It becomes harder to connect with others. You feel worthless, inadequate. Fragile and vulnerable.

Toxic situations rob you of a healthy relationship to yourself and the ability to trust your own feelings, values, and perceptions of reality.

They rob you of your intuition and instincts and your ability to connect to something greater than yourself.

When you’re in a toxic situation, all levels of your being are communicating to you that’s there’s a problem.

The question is, ‘are you listening?’

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