Shifting From Self-as-Enemy to Self-as-Ally

One of the bigger paradigm shifts I teach is moving from self-as-enemy to self-as-ally.

Most people are beating themselves up.

They’re fighting against parts of themselves they consider bad or weak.

Moving to self-as-ally means you free up all that time and energy previously caught up in that inner turmoil (not overnight, of course, it’s a process of growth).

It’s the power of increasing inner peace. It frees up you up to put your focus on the things you want rather than the things you don’t.

How do you know if you’re operating as self-as-enemy?

First off, it’s the default in our society. Most people are operating as self-as-enemy in one or more areas of their life.

Second, if you’re thinking and talking about things like your ego or your reptilian brain, those are symptoms.

If you believe in a subconscious that’s trying to keep things the same. If you’re fighting against your feelings and thoughts.

The classic of beating yourself up. Burnout. Compartmentalization.

They’re all ways of operating that put you on guard against yourself – having to be hypervigilant to ensure some part of you doesn’t get out of line and take you out.

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