What’s Good About This Intense Emotion?

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I believe the so-called negative emotions aren’t the bad guys they’ve been made out to be.

They’re simply messengers bringing information.

Moving us into action. The energy in e-motion.

Yet there’s one emotion for which I can’t figure out the upside.

I don’t know its higher purpose.

It’s one of our most powerful emotions.


Shame says I am bad. I’m flawed. Unworthy of love and belonging.

When triggered, shame fills you with its fiery energy taking you out of the moment and often sending you into unconsciousness.

You may feel immobilized. Or you may have the urge to strike out to offload the pain. Or to run.

Shame twists you from your values, shrinks you within yourself.

It crushes your self-worth and spirit and leaves you disconnected.

It’s extraordinarily painful.

Sounds pretty bad, doesn’t it? It is. Shame can influence us to do things completely outside the people we want to be.

But there is a positive.

Shame is possibly the single most powerful emotion to work with to jumpstart your personal growth.

By rooting out these traumas from your system, you uncover a new level of freedom for yourself and increase your resilience.

Self-compassion is key to jettisoning shame.

Speak to you with as much kindness and understanding as you would a good friend or child.

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