Burnout – the Slow Fizzle

Burnout can be so subtle.

It often happens slowly over time. It’s like a slow burn – downward.

It’s why it’s so important to understand it.

What it looks like. What it feels like.

It’s incredibly easy to overlook.

Burnout is a symptom that you’re living and working disconnected.

That you’re leaving potential on the table.

One symptom is that the number of negative feelings increase. You feel as though you don’t have a lot of power over them.

The day seems somehow harder. Instead of being able to focus on what can be done in challenging situations, it just seems difficult. Harder to wrap your brain around things in a positive way.

Creativity may feel stuck just beyond your ability to connect to it. Even when you may also feel it’s waiting to come out to play.

Eventually you reach allostatic overload. Too much stress and chaos put the endocrine system into overload. You can’t adapt anymore. The energy demands exceed what you have to give.

Burnout is a slippery slope.

Once you fall down it, recovery can take an exceptionally long time.

  • Best not to go at all. –

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