The Need for Emotional Maintenance

There are certain things we do for maintenance like wash our bodies and clothes. And we know that if we’re seeking optimum health we need to exercise and get good nutrition in our bodies.

What we tend to overlook is emotional and mental maintenance.

That always catches up with you, eventually.

The thing is that we’re so used to hustling – survivor hustling – that we get used to putting our feelings to the side and getting on with it.

Too often, because people don’t know better, emotional denial feels easier than resolution…

All of that (and more) leads to a build-up of emotional stuff.

Think of it as a bag you’re carrying around. You often end your day having stuffed a few more unprocessed feelings in the bag.

Admittedly, there often isn’t the time or space in the moment to process deeper emotions that come up in a day.

It’s why emotional and mental maintenance is so essential. You can only stuff the bag so full before the seams begin to split.

Emotional and mental maintenance means creating the time and space for you to process the backlog, so that it doesn’t build up to breakdown or burnout.

I don’t mean meditation. True, meditation can calm your nervous system and rewire your brain leaving you feeling more relaxed and creative and less reactive to events.

But it doesn’t address the deeper emotional stuff.

That means meeting yourself where you’re at, listening to you, acknowledging, and respecting your experiences.

It’s how you let go of the baggage and keep yourself emotionally and mentally healthy so you can function at your best and be present and connected.

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