Emotions: the Transformation Capacity for Leaders

Why leadership development from the inside-out?

Because it’s where your greatest transformation capacity lies.

Your untapped potential.

And within that inside-out development, probably the biggest gains to be had are around emotions.

As leaders, we like to pretend that we have our emotions mastered, that they don’t have a big effect on us, that we can be objective in our decision-making.

But that’s not true.

Emotions are hard and painful.

They have profound and far-reaching effects on our lives.

Everything in our lives is affected by our emotions. They motivate us unconsciously. They’re the basis of our addictions. They cause overreactions like road rage.

We carry unprocessed emotions as baggage into every role we play, including leadership.

Leaders are starting to wake up to this.

They’re recognizing how much time, energy, and capacity they waste in a day on inner battles or self-doubt.

They see the opportunity.

We don’t know that much about emotions, how they work or how to use them to enhance our lives.

It’s as though no one gave us the user manual to our own consciousness.

But we can change that. We can change our relationship to our emotions – and therefore ourselves.

You may think, of course, EQ.

But for reasons I’ve written about elsewhere, EQ is limited in its ability to empower you around your emotions.

But we can go beyond the limitations of EQ, learn to process and integrate emotional knowledge, lose the fear of our feelings that comes with being taught left-brain dominance, and create more inner peace.

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