Self-awareness and Emotional Responsibility: Diving Deeper

Many years ago, I was speaking with an entrepreneur.

He was struggling with something in his business. I forget what exactly, but it had to do with the actions of others…a potential partner, vendor – someone who had the ability to substantially affect his company.

Things were bogged down.

We began exploring the issue.

I asked him what he was feeling about it.

He settled into himself, closed his eyes and after a pause answered, “frustration…. resentment.”

Then his eyes flew open and he sat straight up in his chair, as though he’d been stung.

“No!” he said emphatically.

“I don’t accept that. I am responsible. I believe in taking full responsibility for myself and my feelings.”

This seems to be a common place people get confused about emotions.

It’s great to feel you want to take full responsibility for your emotions.

But you can’t really do that if you don’t process them. That means slowing down and actually feeling them (yup, I know that can be scary).

Processed emotions become sources of increasing integration and knowledge. Unprocessed emotions will hinder your ability to find the best solutions, to get resolution.

I talk to a lot of leaders. You’d be surprised how many don’t have that self-awareness. How disconnected they are from what’s going on inside of themselves.

If you’ve found yourself noticing the swirling of your thoughts and feelings going on inside, even if sometimes feeling overwhelmed by it, congratulate yourself.

It means that you have more self-awareness than many.

Self-awareness – and acceptance – of where you’re at in this moment –  is the first step of growth. It’s what creates different outcomes.

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