Leadership Fails and Diminishing Returns

When leaders fail, it often comes as a bit of a surprise.

Most have been high performers their entire lives – or at least their entire careers.

They’ve moved up, received lots of praise. People mostly liked working with them; they got along well with peers.

Eventually, though, they stall.

For most leaders I’ve seen there comes a time of diminishing returns.

When to continue to operate in the same way no longer produces the same success it once did.

I once heard a leader describe it as what got me to this level of success won’t be sufficient to get me to my next.

We operate out of our wounds. By that I mean that the places where we’ve experienced emotional trauma often push us to do better and fuel our success.

But it seems there’s an expiry date on that way of working and operating in the world.

Eventually, the ‘work harder to overcome challenges’ model short-circuits.

It may show up as things starting to unravel. Or feeling funky. Not waking up inspired. Sensing that there’s something more you want, even if you can’t quite figure out what that is.

Most leaders keep their struggles private.

This is a common story among leaders. It may be unnerving, unmooring or even show as a crisis, yet it’s a wake-up call to opportunity.

An opportunity to upgrade your experience and leadership, to discover a different quality of living and working.

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