How Mindfulness Can Decrease Awareness and Wisdom

Mindfulness – and the be-here-now approach – can actually decrease your awareness and the ability to connect with your greater wisdom.


The effort to constantly be ‘in-the-present’ can keep you in a mental space – essentially, stuck in your head.

That’s counter to whole brain thinking. Whole being living.

Research suggests that our conscious mind can hold only about seven to nine individual pieces of information at any given time.

And that 90% or so of our minds are unconscious.

By trying to be mindful, you may be limiting yourself to those 7-9 pieces of information – and disconnecting yourself from the other 90% of information.

I’ll give you an example.

When I break from work to make lunch, mindfulness would suggest I do all the lunch-making tasks mindfully. If I’m chopping vegetables, I should be aware of the feel of the knife in my hand, the sensation as it cuts through the veggies and so on.

That’s not what I do. I let my mind relax. I daydream.

What happens?

My relaxed mind is able to access new information.

New perspectives and insights flood in. Solutions to tricky client problems show up.

My brain can recuperate. Creative juices renew. And I can return to tasks with new focus and energy.

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