Define Success

Live life by your own definition of success…rather than someone else’s.

There are so many ideas of success in the world. It’s like a bunch of noise coming at you all the time.

Noise that can keep you unbalanced and unsatisfied. Comparing yourself to others and feeling less than.

To tune down that noise, you have to define what success means to you.

It empowers you to take yourself out of all those conversations going on around you and put you as the central player in your own conversation.

Defining your success means that you realize that you can’t do everything in this life. You have to choose what’s important to you.

When you do this, you’ll experience less envy.

Rather than feeling depleted by others’ successes, you’ll be able to celebrate them because you’re clear on what success in your life is.

That clarity will also give you the focus to achieve it faster.

You’ll be less likely to be pulled off-center and off-course by the myriad of ‘shiny objects’ around you.

You’ll know that though they appear oh so shiny and pretty, they’re just not for you. They were never going to make you happy. Defining success primes you to go after what you really want.

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