Making Time to Decompress

It’s so important as a leader (or anyone really) to make time to decompress, to recover.

Your day is busy. There’s a lot going on. Most of the time when emotions come up or you get triggered you don’t have the time and space to deal with it in the moment.

You have to get on with the task. Plus, there are people around.

You can’t have a mini-breakdown in the office. In the moment, you have to manage your emotions.

But it’s essential to your mental health, to avoiding burnout, to create space and time to listen to, integrate and resolve those emotions.

Otherwise, that stuff piles up. And weighs you down.

It’s baggage. Each day you don’t make space to process emotions, another bag is added.

Eventually you stumble and fall under the weight.

It’s a tough thing for peak performers. They’re used to pushing through.

It’s considered grit.

But grit doesn’t always equate to mental health. Nor sustainable performance.

Sure, grit is a good thing to have during tough times – to be able to keep going. But it shouldn’t be a way of life.

As a leader, your mental abilities are everything. Your mental health is your wealth. Without recovery time and space, you compromise your thinking and work.

Don’t get into the bad habit of devaluing your time by giving it to others over yourself. Give yourself permission to put you at the top of your list.

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