Meditation and Creativity

Had an interesting conversation with a CEO today.

One of the things he’s desiring is more creativity.

He’s also talked about getting back to his meditation practice.

I asked him what kind of meditation he’s been doing.

He told me it was a focused meditation. Focused meditation is a convergent meditation – like meditation on the breath.

It’s good for a lot of things – but not creativity.

For that you need a divergent meditation.

So, he’s been working against his larger aspirations.

It’s time we taught meditation in a more empowering way. Instead of passively.

First off, there are many types of meditations. Not just one.

Each has various strengths and limitations.

Start with exploring what you want to accomplish. What are your goals? Your challenges and aspirations?

Then design your practice to actively further your growth. To become the best, most expanded you.

Secondly, we need to change the way we think of meditation.

Meditation states are simply natural brain states. In these states, you can learn and heal faster.

Meditation is about learning to harness them to grow your consciousness and improve your daily life experience.

You don’t have to be sitting on the meditation pillow to access these states.

They’re the states you’re using when you’re ‘in the zone.’ When you access intuition and bigger picture thinking.

In these states, you have access to expanded thinking, creativity, and your subconscious.

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