Stress: Beyond Superficial Recommendations

People are under so much stress.

One research study found as many as 96% of leaders showing some sign of burnout.

Yet, when I read recommendations on how to handle stress, they seem superficial.

They don’t seem to get to the heart of the matter.

I don’t want to talk about ‘managing’ stress. I want to talk about empowering ourselves to an enhanced quality of working and living.

For that, we need to talk about stress (and other things) in a way that is more inspiring and healing. In a way that includes a larger conversation about our lives and what we’re doing here. That gives us more of a manual to the self and our consciousness.

One of the places that I’ve learned about stress is through energy work. I know immediately when someone has been under stress. I feel it in their field.

It feels like static.

One of the problems with stress is that we’re adaptive. We adjust to the strain and a lesser degree of functioning.

Compare it to a car windshield. If a rock cracks your windshield, at first, it’s really bothersome.

But drive that way for a while and you barely notice it anymore.

The crack is still there. It’s affecting the way you see the world.

But you’re not aware of it anymore.

Only when it’s fixed do you realize how much it was affecting your view.

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