Understanding Potential Landmines of Your Mind

If you want more emotional peace and better operating overall, you better know where the potential landmines are in your mind and consciousness.

One of those is the fundamental attribution error.

It’s our tendency to attribute other people’s off-putting behavior to internal factors such as negative intent, personality, or character and ignore situational factors in judging others’ behavior.

For ourselves, we tend to the opposite: external attribution. Attributing our own behaviors to circumstance.

For example, we might think, ‘he was late because she doesn’t care’ versus ‘I was late because I got that last minute phone call.’

Where this really becomes a problem is when we begin to believe our explanations as facts versus interpretations.

This is where self-awareness comes in.

When your internal self-awareness is low, you’re more likely to see your beliefs and values as the truth rather than what’s true for you.

It’s also linked to low self-esteem.

Happily, self-awareness can be learned.

When you start to feel annoyed or frustrated, it’s your cue to tune in.

What are you feeling? What assumptions are you making about other people or the situation? What’s fact and what’s interpretation? (hint: there won’t be that much fact ?).

Challenging our assumptions is next-level mindfulness. It enables us to show up – and listen and be present – on entirely new levels.

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