Stress and Out of Balance Brains

One of the reasons our stress levels are so high is because of left-brain dominance.

According to research by Accenture Strategy, C-suite leaders (65%) recognize the need to strengthen their right-brain skills — including empathy and intuition — for a well-rounded whole-brain approach.

Our society’s focus on left brain makes it easy to get out of balance.

It’s easy for our left brains to fool us.

To tell us things that aren’t true. And have us believe it.

Left-brain dominance is a combination of overvaluing rationality and logic and fearing the more right-brain qualities like emotions, imagination.

It’s understandable. To the left brain, the right brain stuff seems messy.

Downright unnerving.

Yet our power – at least our authentic power – comes from creating a more balanced brain and mind.

It’s how we appreciate and take in ALL the information coming to us.

Data that comes in via our rational brains as well as that that comes in the forms of images, colors, sounds pictures, impressions and sensations.

It’s how we understand the surrounding world to the fullest.

It increases our fulfillment.

And knowledge.

And moves us from fear-based living to increasing self-trust.

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