Bigger Picture Thinking Is THE Role of Leadership

A comment I hear all the time from leaders is that they’re spending too much time down in the trenches and not enough focused on the vision.

The bigger picture.

They know it’s a problem but find it hard to change.

It’s not surprising. That Type-A hustle got you to where you are.

Being busy feels good. It feels like you’re accomplishing stuff.

Until you’re not.

Until that busy is taking away from greater potential.

Bigger picture thinking is THE role of leadership.

The ability to develop and hold the vision, allowing others to grow into it.

No one else in the organization can do that role the way a leader can.

If you stay focused on urgent actions all the time as a leader, you will remain within self-imposed limits of what’s possible.

Your organization will suffer.

And likely you will as well.

Missing out on the kind of jump out of bed in the morning passion. Advancing down the burnout road.

If that’s what’s happening with the leader, then it’s likely happening with other people in the organization.

It’s imperative, as a leader, to spend time consciously understanding both what it takes to grow your bigger picture thinking abilities as well as applying that bigger picture thinking.

It will put you considerably ahead of the pack.

It’s what enables you to step out of your limits and into a space where you can feel, imagine, and connect. Where you can build.

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