Toxic People?

Removing toxic people is one of the biggest things you can do to transform your life.

Except I don’t generally use the term toxic people.

I use toxic relationships or interactions. Or dynamics.

You’d think it would be easy to identify toxic relationships in your life.

But it’s not always. Using the term, toxic people, can add to the confusion.

Because it’s not that black and white in real life.

Most people aren’t toxic people. They’re pretty good people who create toxicity in certain situations.

These people may be perfectly nice to others. Not so much to you.

That’s where believing in yourself – trusting your experience comes in.

But we’re busy. And relationships are some of the most overwhelming stuff we deal with. They’re complex and nuanced.

We second-guess ourselves.

So, I have a 3-point system I use to identify stuff I’m tolerating that I shouldn’t be.

#1 is a positive interaction/situation. It’s one that lifts me, increases my energy.

0 is neutral. Maybe it doesn’t add much, but it also doesn’t take away.

-1 is negative. Those are the ones that drain me. The ones I have to recover from.

My goal is to end my day on a high number.

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