Intuition and Flow or In the Zone

How are intuition and ‘in the zone’ similar?

Both involve experiential knowing rather than textbook or analytic knowing.

Seeing things in their wholeness and connection, rather than more sequential and separated ways of seeing. A gestalt way of seeing – that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Being able to recognize a bigger picture.

For a long time, this way of seeing in wholes was put down, possibly due to the rise of the scientific perspective.

It was seen as irrational, off centered. The realm of poets and artists – not the business world.

Still, some of the most successful business leaders continued to rely on intuition and related skills.

They just didn’t talk about it much.

Today, we’re seeing a revival of whole thinking.

Leaders are talking about it more openly. They’re wanting to understand it and to operate more consistently ‘in the zone.’

Research into intuition in leaders suggests that those who use it are, on average, more successful than those who don’t.

And, of course, being in the zone speaks for itself.

Leaders want to escape the being ‘stuck in your head.’ They want more inner peace. Creativity. Better thinking capacities.

Fortunately, the way to the skills of intuition and ‘in the zone’ are quite similar. They are about learning to use your brain and mind more efficiently and expansively, elevating consciousness. Improving your relationship to yourself.

The same path: the one to becoming your best self.

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