Stress Increases Mind-wandering 2-3X

Recent research indicates that stress increases mind-wandering by 2-3 times.

Potential Project, a global research, leadership development and consulting company undertook The Mind at Work study.

They found that on average, over a third of our day is spent distracted and off-task.

And it gets worse as the week goes on. By Friday, people who feel stressed report that their minds wander for nearly 60% of the workday.

The cost of all this mind-wandering? Potential project estimates that the U.S. economy loses $300 billion a year to unfocused employees, unproductive teams, and absent-minded leaders.

The study also sheds light on what helps people bring out their best selves at work.

Purpose is important. Purpose-driven employees are 30% less stressed and 50% more focused on their day-to-day tasks.

Sleep is critical too. A good night’s sleep provides 15% more focus, 20% less stress and 25% feeling more in control.

But the biggest gains came with those who had a mind training practice.

They felt more grounded, resilient, and present, and their wind-wandering was 50% lower than less mindful colleagues.

Employees who feel calmer experience better focus and less mind wandering, even hitting peak focus on Fridays.

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