The Secret to High-Performing Teams

Do you want to know the little-known secret to high-performing teams?

You might or might not be surprised to find there’s an emotional element to it.

Google spent over two years conducting more than 200 interviews with and studying more than 250 attributes seeking to figure out what sets most effective teams apart.

They thought they’d find that high-performing teams shared a perfect mix of individual traits and skills. The idea of assembling a dream team.

They were wrong.

What they discovered that who is on a team isn’t as important as how team members interact, structure their work, and view their contributions.

They found 5 key dynamics that set the most effective teams apart:

  1. Psychological safety: the ability to take risks on a team without feeling insecure or embarrassed
  2. Being able to count on one another
  3. Having clear goals, roles, and execution plans
  4. Finding work personally important
  5. Believing their work matters

Out of those 5, psychological safety was far and away the most important.

In fact, it’s the underpinning of the other four.

Psychological safety may sound simple, but our fears of our competence, awareness and positivity being perceived poorly are pretty strong. It affects a lot of our behaviour in a day.

That’s why psychological safety affects nearly every important workplace dimension.

People on teams with higher psychological safety bring in more revenue, capitalize on diverse ideas more often, are less likely to leave the company, and are evaluated as effective twice as often by executives.

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