EQ Can Diminish Whole Brain Thinking

Emotional Intelligence has become immensely popular over the last twenty years or so.

The problem is that it’s an intellectual approach to emotions.

It teaches us to learn more about our emotions. To be smarter about them. To be more aware of them in ourselves and others.

It suggests that a healthy emotional life is predominantly about knowledge and understanding.

Unfortunately, a mental approach to emotions doesn’t lead to resolution.

So, we struggle with difficult emotions and moods. We try to make them go away as fast as possible. We rationalize them. We label them. We attempt to reason with them. We try to eliminate or escape them. We watch them objectively without becoming entangled in them.

We do everything but feel, experience, or digest them.

We haven’t learned how emotions work or how to work with them.  In fact, we’ve been taught to fear them. We’ve swallowed mistaken beliefs like having a negative emotion makes us a bad person or that we should have better control.

We’ve given our power away around our emotions. We’re creating our own struggles because of the way we’ve trained ourselves to use our brains.

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