Beyond Traditional Success

The people I work with are successful.

But it’s not enough.

They want to reach greater levels of success.

But a particular kind of success.

Something a colleague of mine, Brandon Hawk, calls connected success.

For that, you have to be able to connect to yourself.

An example is connecting more deeply to your own inner expertise.

We can all listen to expert advice. But just because it’s worked for someone else doesn’t mean it will work for you or your situation.

It’s not enough to look outside for answers.

You also have to be able to look inside.

To connect to your own wisdom.

Growing your innate capabilities makes you more resilient (and creative) in the face of challenges.

It gives you the personal connection to create deeper connections with others (and to recognize where that’s not possible).

It helps you get around your preconceived limitations.

In today’s fast changing world, the analytical brain isn’t enough.

Every day businesses get snuffed out by people who think their jobs are about securing the company, and themselves, instead of continuously re-creating the business, and themselves.

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