Beyond Fear and Anxiety

Everyone experiences fear and anxiety.

The more you avoid them, push them down, the bigger they get.

Yet, that’s the default for most people.

The little (or big) voices of fear and anxiety are unnerving. We want to get away from them.

So, we push them away. We rationalize or explain them away. We run from them.

But that just keeps them from landing. Instead, they stay buzzing around us. Amorphous in our consciousness.

When you have these nebulous fears floating around you, they turn into general anxiety.

An underlying feeling of unease and disquiet.

You may not even realize that something better is possible because it’s become your modus operandi.

When you begin to look at and listen to your fear and anxiety – to experience them without dismissing or pushing them away, you can begin to tease out what they’re about.

You can sort out what’s fueling them and harvest the information the emotions are serving up.

It’s the start of taking your power back.

Your anxiety reduces because you’re listening to yourself. You’re no longer dismissing your experience. As you treat yourself with this respect, you grow in self-love You’re increasingly able to trust yourself.

You change your relationship with fear and anxiety from something you fight against to something that fuels your growth.

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