A Deeper Approach to Burnout for Leaders

Are you concerned about burnout?

In a Harvard study, 96% of senior leaders self-reported burnout. 33% considered it extreme.

96%! That’s crazy.

If you think of 20 leaders, including yourself, 19 of you are experiencing symptoms of burnout.

That’s a crisis in leadership. It says there’s something pervasive going on.

The usual suggestions – take a mindfulness course, build resilience, get enough exercise – are good, but just not enough.

They’re band aids.

Leaders need to be proactive about burnout. It’s nothing to mess around with.

Much of the time, burnout isn’t seen for what it is. It creeps up on you over time.

You adapt to the level of stress, not realizing how disconnected you’re becoming.

Then the damage is done: long-term neurological effects on cognitive function, problem-solving and emotional regulation.

Addressing burnout as a systemic level means questioning the way leadership has been done.

We have to go deeper into the role of leadership itself to create a different kind of success.

A connected success.

One that doesn’t bypass the self or live off hustler survival energy. One that doesn’t leave leaders feeling disconnected from their successes and feeling like frauds.

It’s the only way we’re going to fix this epidemic.

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