The Opportunity of Burnout

I had lots of interesting comments on my post on burnout yesterday.

Some said that it’s not just leaders.

Which is absolutely true. I do think though that as a leader you have a unique opportunity. As you shift realities for yourself, you open up the space for those around you to do the same.

That’s an incredibly special contribution.

Most of the leaders I speak to have the heart of service.

They want to make the world a better place. To add value.

But you’re going to be limited in your capacity to do so without focusing on your own growth.

Everything you have to give comes through you. You can work super hard to give, to be empathetic and inspiring, even to have high EQ.

Or you can change and deepen your own relationship to you, you can make sure you’re inspiring yourself and change your inner world from one of struggle to one of increasing peace.

The people around you will feel the shift.

In terms of burnout, you learn to fill your own cup. Then you’re not just giving a trickle from a depleted cup.

Instead, you’re giving from overflow. That’s an entirely different quality of giving. An entire new level of what you’re able to produce.

Focusing on the self rather than the work or on others can feel strange to a Type A personality.

As can slowing down to speed up. But if the pervasiveness of burnout has anything to tell us, it’s that we need to change how we’re operating.

As a leader, you’re in a unique position to create a new future, for yourself and others.

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