Toxic Dynamics Rewire You

There’s an enormous cost to toxic dynamics I haven’t seen talked about a lot.

That is that toxic dynamics rewire your consciousness in negative ways.

We know from neuroplasticity that our brains are continually changing.

And if you read my post yesterday on head, heart and gut decision-making, you’ll realize that the heart and gut ‘brains’ are also always changing.

The question is are they changing for the better or the worse?

When you’re in toxic dynamics, they’re changing for the worse.

Those dynamics trigger negative believes about yourself. They entrench them deeper.

Usually beliefs connected to your worth, your value, your lovability and deservedness.

They re-wire your consciousness.

This often happens below the level of conscious awareness.

So, you feel bad, stuck in place and may not even be sure why.

‘You suck’, they whisper. ‘You’re worthless’. ‘You don’t deserve to be loved.’

That sucks the life force out of you and spills it on the ground.

No wonder people get stuck in those dynamics. They tear down your self-esteem and paralyze you.

That’s why it’s good to do an audit of your relationships from time to time. To evaluate how they’re wiring you.

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