In the Zone

Why is leadership from the inside-out essential?

Your company can only grow to the level that you grow.

What you have to give to the world as a leader comes out of the fulfillment of your own potentialities.

Mental expansion and self-growth can make the difference between

average and good,

or very good and great.

Even top athletes realize that the mental side of athletics is just as – if not more – important than the physical aspect of the sport.

Increasing conscious performance means gaining perspective and insight. You emerge as a better leader and person.

A lot of leaders think the trick to performing better is to work harder. But there’s great power in working smarter, not harder. In being able to direct and channel your strengths in each moment.

An aspect of this is spending more time in the zone.

The zone is the ultimate experience of optimal performance. It’s a feeling of using your skills to the utmost.

It’s key to eureka moments and breakthroughs. In the zone, we feel connected to something bigger and more expansive than ourselves.

Bill Moyers, author of The Power of Myth put it this way: The athlete who is in championship form has a quiet place within himself. And it’s out of that that his action comes. If he’s all in the action field, he’s not performing properly.”

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