Creativity: the Number One Leadership Competency

“If your interest is high achievement, creativity matters. That’s the place to start.”

     Steven Kotler, author of ‘The Art of the Impossible: a Peak Performance Primer’

IBM surveyed over 1,500 CEO’s, asking about the #1 leadership competency.

The answer? Creativity.

Creativity was considered key in order to successfully navigate accelerating complexity and a massively interconnected world.

A global study by Adobe found that companies that invest in creativity surpass rivals in productivity, customer satisfaction, innovation, and revenue growth.

So, how to enhance creativity?

First off, dump the idea that only certain people are creative. Or that creativity looks a certain way.

We all have access to creativity – it’s a human ability. And it comes in many forms.

It’s an ability that we can grow.

But creativity takes space. The more stressed out you are, the less you’ll be able to access creativity.

Then there’s the myth that creativity is a right-brain function.

It’s not. It’s a whole brain function.

That’s great news, really. It means the more you develop creativity, the better your thinking will become overall. Creativity also enhances other functions like intuition.

So, how to enhance creativity? Connect to things you love, to passions. Explore new topics that interest you.

Give yourself the space to play. That means being able to make mistakes.

Give your brain a rest. Nature is like a vitamin boost to creativity. Unplug from email, social media – and more.

Try new challenges.

You can even pick up a pen or paintbrush and doodle, if you feel so inspired.

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