Self-Reflection Questions for Leaders (and others)

In January, I wrote a post about including inner and outer goals when goal setting.

Now that we’re a month into the year, I thought I’d give you some tools to take your self-reflection a little deeper.

Creating time for reflection is a powerful tool for leaders. The mind works differently when you slow down and give it space.

It’s the heart of innovation and creativity. And the big picture thinking that is the core of what leaders bring to the table.

I’m including open-ended questions to designed to deepen your leadership and living.

Most are based on the individual, but you can also ask them of your organization. You can choose the ones that speak to you – or choose one a day/week – or whatever works for you.

If you leave the question in your awareness for a period, more information will pop up from deeper levels.

The Questions

Where are you not being a leader in your life?

What have you been tolerating that you shouldn’t be?

What would you like your next level of mastery to look like?

Are there places where you’re feeling depleted – physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually?

How can you add more fun and play to this day, task, or situation?

What change would give the biggest energy boost?

What’s your greatest aspiration? (may be something that you put aside in your busyness)

What would you like to feel more of daily?

What would increase your passion?

What might _____ look like if it were easy?

Think of something you’d like to change. What’s keeping you stuck in the old pattern?

Have you laughed enough today (this week, etc)?

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