Ebook Release: Using Ebooks in Content Marketing

Using ebooks in content marketing can be challenging. Since an ebook is a pretty big investment in time and resources, it’s a really good idea to have a strong strategy in place before you start. That’s why I put together my new ebook: Using Ebooks in Content Marketing. I interview various organizations who’ve released successful ebooks so you can find out what they did, how they did and what they learned about using ebooks as part of their content marketing strategy.

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Using Ebooks in Content Marketing looks at a number of aspects of ebooks:

  •             When to use ebooks in your content marketing
  •             The advantages and disadvantages of ebooks
  •             Different ebook approaches and strategies


To put the ebook together I interviewed six companies and one non-profit from across North America:

 Lumension Security Inc.


Content Marketing Institute


The Prevent Delinquency Project

Craft and Vision

St. Jacques Franchise Marketing

 I asked them about how their ebooks came to be: the stories behind their ebook content, how they released them and the results they had. You get the insider information from companies who have been successful using ebooks in their content marketing. The content and strategies are varied so you’re sure to get some great ideas for producing your next content marketing ebook.

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