Trust in the Workplace

Great Places to Work says that “Over two decades of research confirms that workplace trust is the foundation for quality work and performance excellence. Employees who trust their managers give their best freely, and their extra effort goes right to the company’s bottom line. Managers who trust their employees allow innovative ideas to bubble up from all levels of the company. Employees who trust each other report a sense of camaraderie and even the feeling of being part of a family. Together they deliver far more than the sum of their individual efforts.”

Other research has shown that high trust companies make three times the average annualized returns of the S&P 500.

New research has also shown that trust is the foundation for mental health and wellness in the workplace. Great Places to Work found that “When people experience a high level of workplace trust, they are much more likely to experience a workplace that is mentally healthy. And the reverse is also true – the absence of workplace trust makes it virtually impossible to experience mental wellness at work.  

While we know creating closer relationships at work leads to stronger teams and happier employees, the how is always a bit trickier. So I put this infographic together to explore things like some ideas on the how, questions to ask to create dialogue and awareness, some of the common mistakes made.

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