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Had a wonderful time on the Power Your Life Talk Radio with Dr. Jo Anne White. Originally, we were going to talk about the pitfalls of emotional intelligence, but with all that’s going on with Covid-19, she asked me to speak on some related topics.

So we talked about why negative emotions might be coming up during this time of isolation and how you can use them to increase your consciousness.

We explored why we struggle with emotions, how they’re key to next-level mastery and how to move from emotions as adversaries to harnessing their wisdom and increasing psychological integration and cohesion.

We also spoke about next level mindfulness and bringing the focus in our lives onto what matters most.

All in just over a half hour!

Have a listen: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/jo-anne-white/2020/05/06/catherine-sherlock-higher-mindfulness-potential-and-possibility

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