The Key to Next Level Self-Awareness Might Surprise You

The key to next level self-awareness is your emotions.

But hold on – it’s not quite that easy. To access it, you’ll need to change your relationship with your feelings.

Our left-brain dominant society has conditioned you. You see emotions as 2nd-class. Neither reliable nor logical. As something to fear and control.  

So you mentalize them. Except that doesn’t work because emotions aren’t left-brain.

This weird relationship to emotions is why we struggle with feelings. 

Our default is to push uncomfortable feelings away. 

When you shoved all that confusion, pain, anger, etc. behind a door, you may have thought you were being smart, efficient, even stoic.

But behind the door, simple emotions can become demons that get bigger and uglier the longer they’re locked away. At best you experience feeling out of sorts, disconnected, not able to tap into your best you; at worst, you’re about to blow up a situation, relationship, or even career. 

The problem is that you’ve been taught to see emotions as something to control and manage, rather than as superpowers helping you to become your next level you.

Emotions are the superpowers of your inner guidance system. They point out things you need to pay attention to. Those difficult emotions tell you that something more, something you deeply want at heart level, is available or possible for you.

Instead of pushing the tough feelings away, the key is to learn how to listen to and process them. 

Here’s the beauty of it: the more you process your emotions, the more they guide you towards your true self. The noise in your mind begins to quiet down. You feel a deeper sense of security within yourself.

You start hearing more whispers of your true self, your gut instincts, and a wealth of knowledge you didn’t even know existed.

It’s like waking up to a whole new level of consciousness. As you process emotions, your psyche changes. Things that were hard before become easier. You see things that were once hidden to you.

I won’t lie. Self-discovery can be a roller coaster. But it’s made a million times easier when you stop fighting against your emotions and work with them as the superpowers they are.

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