Setting Inner Growth Goals

It’s January, a new year and the traditional time for setting yearly goals.

Don’t forget your inner goals. They’re often overlooked.

Yet they’re central to a good life.

For one, your inner accomplishments and growth are what bring the juice to your life. The sweetness.

Then also, your inner growth and goals are intricately tied to your outer goals.

Not including them can hold up your outer accomplishments…

Or you can realize your outer successes – only to realize they don’t feel as meaningful as you thought they would because you haven’t connected them to your deeper purpose and values.

What are your challenges? What area/s, if you created change, would have a profound effect on your life? Reducing stress and enhancing your days?

What are your aspirations? What dreams do you have for your self-growth, your life?

Perhaps you shelved some of those in the past as not possible or realistic, leaving a hole in your life. Is it time to take them back out and dust them off?

We know the more clarity we have, the better able we are to take action on it.

That applies to inner goals too. Too often they remain vague ideas.

For example, I talk to many people who consider spirituality core to their lives.

But few have thought specifically about what spiritual growth looks like to them. And how it interconnects with other areas of their lives.

Even taking 5 minutes and writing down your ideas can make a world of difference.

Don’t worry about getting it all down. Leave it open-ended for your unconscious to serve up new information.

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