The Ideal Length of the White Paper – Part 1

I’ve written the first of a three-part article on the ideal length of the white paper.

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The Ideal Length of the White Paper: Solving the Long and Short of It.

Part One: The Length Question

Summary: What is the ideal length of the white paper to be effective? The answer is not as straight forward as you might expect. However, exploring the length question will lead you to write better white papers.

There is an idea in the business world that there is a magic length for white papers. Go beyond that magic length – the theory goes – and people will not read your white paper.

Is this true or not? There are tons of articles on the internet that say a white paper should be a certain length. However, they rarely explain how they came up with those numbers.

The article, ‘The Ideal Length of the White Paper’, considers the question of the length of white papers more deeply. The article examines recent research in the technical field on white paper length and its relationship to efficacy.

By exploring the question of white paper length, you will have a better understanding of how to write good white papers and be able to make empowered decisions concerning your white paper communications.

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