Challenging The Limitations of Corporate Mindfulness Training – Serve Conscious Podcast

Stefan Ravalli interviewed me on his Serve Conscious Podcast. He kindly emailed to say how much he enjoyed listening a second time when he was editing and how much he learned.

We started with talking about the limitations of how corporate mindfulness is taught to organizations today and then went on a wide-ranging conversation that included subjects like choosing the right meditation and mindfulness program for what you want to achieve in life, the importance of self-compassion, a sense of belonging and some problems associated with emotional intelligence.

Given the wide range of topics covered, I was curious about some of his favorite parts. Here’s what he answered:

The idea of leadership from within

Flow states are not necessarily “mindful” ones – but no less valuable once we understand the complexity of consciousness
Mindfulness is not quantity oriented – does not equal simply being aware of MORE STUFF
When cultivating as sense of belonging, INNER belonging is just as important as outer belonging (actually more important)
It amazes me how every podcast is so different! You can check out the Serve Conscious Podcast here:

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