Who I Work With

I work with visionary leaders.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve already done some personal growth and development.

You’re high functioning and a life-long learner. You believe in living life to the fullest. Probably you have a little renegade in you. You challenge the status quo in the world – and in yourself.

Yet, even though you’re successful and have a good life, there’s a lingering feeling of not being entirely at home in yourself or the world. Of not being able to fully make the impact you want.

There’s a sense of disconnection and a desire for more.

For a deeper kind of living.

Maybe you lead a workplace team and know that this talented grouping of individuals has so much more potential if only everyone could tap into a common mental wavelength. You’re frustrated that you cannot seem to “make this happen.”

You may feel that you got off track somewhere in the busyness of getting through daily life and lost pieces of your potential.

Probably, you’ve explored several paths to address your disconnections but haven’t been satisfied with the results, so far, or find yourself ready to take your abilities and life to a new level of transformation.

We can live with a lot of pain and things just not quite working for a long time. And then – for some of us – there comes a point where we just can’t live like that anymore.

Sometimes it happens as result of a crisis. Work issues, relationship breakdowns, illness, depression or burnout.

If you’re lucky, you take action on the need for change before it explodes in full-on crisis. You might be experiencing red flags like body breakdown, relationship turmoil, exhaustion, emotional overwhelm or boredom. Maybe you’ve even contemplated taking an early exit on life.

But that’s not easy. We get used to masquerading that everything is fine – that we’re ‘managing.’ We don’t admit to ourselves or anyone else that things aren’t okay. It can be overwhelming to admit to yourself that you’re headed toward serious crisis.

Maybe you’re someone who isn’t in crisis, but you’ve felt a yearning to live more fully for a long time. You’ve done a lot and you’re ready for something big – transformational – to get to your next level.

Whatever it looks like, you’re at the crossroads where you know if you don’t do something different, things aren’t likely to transform. And the desire for deeper self-actualization is growing louder – maybe so loud that you’re losing interest in other conversations.

You want more. You need to be all-in with your life. You’re just not sure how to make that happen.

Whatever brings you here, being out of alignment is not a luxury you can afford any longer. It’s time to take a leap. To answer that deeper calling, explore uncharted frontiers and live your best life possible.

When we take action on things that matters to us and stand for the things that are important to us in life, our lives become richer and more meaningful. Our vitality increases, sense of peace and contentment, effectiveness – an increased sense of a life well lived.

The greater expression is brewing in you right now, but you have to lay claim to it, commit to it – to create the space for it to open – or it simply won’t.

As I’ve said, I work with individuals, small groups and organizations.

Join me. I’ve been waiting for you.